How to Improve How You Get Found in Your Community

September 10, 2022


There are a few things that you can do to improve how you get found in your community. One of them is to understand your local community better. Every city and town has different needs and requirements.

This means that you should do your research locally, rather than nationwide. There are also different places where you can get listed, Affordable SEO may be helpful to use these places instead of a Google account.

Optimizing your website for local search

Getting your website optimized for local search can boost your visibility and brand recognition. It can also increase the number of visitors to your store. Google prioritizes local results and pushes out non-local results. This means that even if your business isn't featured in the first page of local results, you can still gain customers by placing yourself in a prominent spot on the page.

Local optimization doesn't stop with having a Google business account. You can also make use of other directories like Yelp, Apple Maps, and Yellowpages to increase your online visibility. By incorporating creative SEO practices, you can outrun your competitors on these other listings.

Creating a positive user experience

Creating a good user experience is important to the success of your business. Users should have a positive experience with your website or app. You can improve your user experience by following the principles outlined by Jakob Neilsen. If you don't, you will likely lose potential customers and damage your bottom line.

Creating a local phone number

Having a local phone number is an excellent way to improve the visibility of your business. Not only will it give your potential customers a reason to contact you, but it will also give them a reason to call you back. The reason for this is that a local phone number is more likely to be answered by a familiar party. This will make it easier for you to keep in touch with clients, and it will also improve your credibility as a professional.

One of the main reasons why creating a local phone number is so important for a local business is that people like to support local businesses and take pride in supporting their community. Additionally, when someone calls your number, they'll immediately see the area code, which establishes an important connection before the call is made.

Using local business directories

Local business directories can be an important part of your search engine optimization strategy. They can help boost your brand and increase engagement. These directories allow people to search for local businesses and even create separate listings if you have multiple locations. By making a local listing, you will give your company the chance to rank well for the terms that are relevant to its location.

Google prefers that local business listings connect to the actual business location. This is why many citation forms allow alternate phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and cell phone numbers. Some directories even let you use vanity numbers. However, you should avoid submitting third-party links in local listings.

Monitoring fluctuations in local search results

While the importance of on-page optimization is well-known, it's also important to pay attention to fluctuations in local search results. For example, you should be aware of the number of reviews your business has accumulated and the average rating. Reviews are a major ranking factor, so businesses with fewer reviews should make the effort to increase their number.

Local SEO is highly sensitive to proximity and location. Aside from the content on your website, you also want to make sure that your website contains the business name, address, and phone number. This information will also help you improve your ranking so that potential customers will be able to easily find you.

Using Georanker

If you're looking to improve how you get found in your community, GeoRanker can help. This tool helps you monitor your website's local SEO ranking and gives you notifications of fluctuations via RankWatch Email Triggers. It also helps you identify local competitors on Google Maps and other search engines.

GeoRanker is a web tool that helps you track the SERP for any keyword in 200+ cities. It is a free service that allows you to see the ranking of your website and compare it to competitors. The tool even provides information on the citation sources used by your competition.